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One of my dogs' best friends posted a goodbye tribute to them and I am sobbing 😭

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Infinity War Dead Pool:

Todd: Vision, War Machine, Nebula
Heng: Captain America, Kraglin, Scarlet Witch
Alex: Dr Strange, Mantis, Thanos
Jello: Black Panther, Iron Man, Hulk
Me: Loki, Falcon, Thor

The Defender spotting in Infinity War will 100% be while Dr Strange is doing some multiverse and/or time surfing

My wild Infinity War prediction is:

Captain America didn't survive the plane crash at the end of The First Avenger.

Infinity War predictions:
- Post credit scene teases symbiote getting to Earth
- Defender spotting! Probably Jessica Jones or Luke Cage
- The ending, or post-ending, sets up The Avengers to call people up from the minor leagues. It's all connected!
- Thanos wins
- Someone turns heel
- Because they were a Skrull all along!

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